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Waiting for you

All I want to do, is being there for you.
Especially in these hard times.
But the only thing I can do, is waiting here for you.
Our love is a secret, no one may know this, until you tell them.
I’ll be patient and wait here for you.
'Cause it is all I can do, so we can be together in the future.
We will have a happy ending after this all.
Trust me, I will be waiting here forever.
Just for you.

Everybody hurts.
Everybody bleeds.
Everybody bends to fill a need.
Everybody’s born with their own curse and I’m not alone.

Everybody cries.
Everybody breaths.
Everybody wants to feel they’re free.
Deep inside I know what I am worth, a life of my own.

It could have been much worse,but it should have been better.

I know I’d hurt you, deserted you and now I see it clear.
I pulled you closer, tighter,’Cause I knew you’d disappear.

I just can’t compromise, apologize.
There’s nothing you can say.
We both knew, it would always end this way.

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